Ayushi Srivastava

When I entered SBUP what scared me was a 365 day working curriculum, which in fact is true. But then it is not a problem rather it is an opportunity. Here we taught how convert our problems in to opportunity. In my interview, I was asked the question that ‘Why we should Hire You?”, my simple answer was, ‘ sir you can have a look at my attendance card, and you will get to know that I am very flexible, I am adaptable to any possible environment, and you don’t have to provide me any special training. And I was able to crack my interview. SBUP does not confine you to any group or people. We are made to shuffle within our college specialization and in that way you are able to establish a network place. To move ahead in life you need to have a strong network and Sri Balaji University, Pune provides you with a strong network